Hamas recently broadcast a brief video clip on its al-Aqsa TV station celebrating the varied and numerous attacks the Palestinian terrorist group has carried out against Israeli military personnel and civilians.

Set to dramatic music, the clip which aired on November 19 and was translated by MEMRI shows a masked Palestinian assassin performing dramatized renditions of the gamut of attacks employed by Hamas against Israel. In each scene, the video tabulates the number of each type of attack the Islamist terrorist group has taken credit for.

The first scene shows the khaffiyeh-clad assassin sneak up on, charge and stab an almost comical, stereotypical depiction of an ultra-Orthodox Jew. The victim’s traditional sidelocks appear to be plaited pigtails. In the video, Hamas claims to have carried out 38 stabbing attacks.

The same attacker is then shown ambushing and gunning down two IDF soldiers with what appears to be Sten gun-style submachine gun straight out of a C-list movie props department. Just before the shooter snatches one of the downed soldiers’ M-16 and makes off in a getaway car, the film informs viewers that Hamas has carried out 487 shooting attacks against Israelis.

Then the gunman is shown filming himself holding an IDF soldier hostage — a feat Hamas claims to have performed 24 times — before segueing to the same busy fellow strapping a suicide explosive belt on an eager, but not enthusiastic looking, colleague. Hamas claims to have carried out 87 such “martyrdom operations,” as they’re referred to in the clip.

Last, but not least in terms of raw numbers, the frantically busy Hamas fighter is shown launching a mortar and rockets. The tally for these familiar weapons clocks in at 13,981 attacks by the film.

“This will never stop,” reads the closing message of the two-minute clip, which ends with the now-familiar fighter prepping to launch another missile.