A small Israeli military drone crashed in southern Lebanon on Monday afternoon, the army said.

According to Lebanese media, the drone, a Skylark model, fell out of the sky near the Lebanese village of Ayta ash Shab, just across the northern border, for as-yet unknown reasons.

“The incident is being investigated,” a spokesperson said.

There did not appear to be a risk that classified information could be retrieved from the device, the army said.

The “sky rider,” as it’s known in Hebrew, is a tactical surveillance drone created by Elbit Systems and operated by the IDF’s Artillery Corps. The miniature UAV can be launched by one or two people, depending on the model, and once airborne provides a live video feed to soldiers on the ground.

It was the fourth time this year that an Israel Defense Forces Skylark drone crashed. Earlier this month, a senior IDF official told The Times of Israel that the incidents were not the result of a shared problem, but were caused by a mix of human and technical error.

In March, two Skylark drones crashed, one in southern Syria and the other in the northern Gaza Strip.

In January, a Skylark drone crashed in southern Lebanon, prompting a mad dash by Israeli forces to recover the aircraft. The next day, the Hezbollah terrorist group reported that it had retrieved pieces of the destroyed drone.

In August 2015, Hamas claimed it captured an Israeli Skylark drone in the Gaza Strip and reassembled it.