IDF troops stationed on the Israeli-Gaza border on Monday night fired on a Palestinian who had climbed onto the border fence in what was an apparent attempt to cross into Israel.

The forces, situated on the northern section of the border, discerned a Palestinian man approaching the fence. According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Office, despite warnings from the soldiers, the suspect proceeded to climb onto the fence separating the Gaza Strip from Israel in an attempt to cross the border.

The soldiers fired warning shots in the air, but the man ignored the warnings and proceeded to climb. Troops then fired at his legs.

Monday night’s incident came hours after several Palestinians approached the Israeli border in the southern Gaza Strip, rioted, and damaged the fence. Early Monday morning, a Palestinian man broke through the border fence and attacked a woman residing in a nearby community.

IDF troops fired in the air to distance the rioters, and at the legs of those who attempted to damage the barrier. Two Palestinians were injured in the confrontation, according to the Gaza Health Ministry.

Monday’s incidents marked the fourth consecutive day of friction between Gazans and IDF soldiers along the border. On Friday, approximately 300 Palestinians approached the fence in the southern Gaza Strip, threw rocks at IDF soldiers on patrol, and attempted to break into Israel. Palestinian sources reported that one person was killed and six were injured by Israeli fire. On Saturday, Hamas deployed policemen to the area to prevent Palestinians from approaching the border fence.

The IDF said that it will not tolerate any disruptions along the border, and that every event like this will be met with a response.