The Likud will be the largest party in the Knesset after the 2015 snap elections, according to two surveys conducted Tuesday, shortly after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he would dissolve his government.

According to a Channel 10 poll, Likud would win 22 seats, Jewish Home 17, Labor 13, Yisrael Beytenu 12, Moshe Kahlon’s as-yet-unnamed party 12, Yesh Atid nine, the ultra-Orthodox United Torah Judaism eight, Shas seven, Meretz seven, Hatnua four and the Arab parties nine.

A survey by Channel 2 showed Likud with 22, Jewish Home 17, Labor 13, Kahlon and Yisrael Beytenu with 10 apiece, Yesh Atid with nine, Shas with nine, United Torah Judaism with eight, Meretz with seven, Hatnua with four, and the Arab parties with 11.

Both polls would have made pleasant reading for Likud leader Netanyahu, showing a strengthening of the right, and numerous potential coalition options for him.

The results also projected that Shaul Mofaz’s Kadima party would not pass the minimum 3.25 threshold to make it into the Knesset in 2015.

According to the Channel 2 survey, 55 percent of those asked were opposed to the early elections, while 38% supported the move. When asked who was to blame for the collapse of the coalition, 39% of respondents blamed Netanyahu, 30% blamed Yair Lapid and 23% blamed both.

The Channel 10 poll had 49% blaming both Netanyahu and Finance Minister Lapid, 25% only Netanyahu, 21% Lapid and 5% other factors.

Asked who was the most suitable prime minister, 31% said Netanyahu, 19% said Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett, 19% Labor’s Isaac Herzog, 12% Avigdor Liberman, 12% Kahlon, and 7% Lapid.