A Palestinian was killed by IDF fire and five others were injured in scattered demonstrations along the border fence with Israel, sources in Gaza reported Friday.

The incident marked the third Palestinian death in clashes with Israeli forces in as many days.

According to the IDF, Palestinian protesters gathered in the no-man’s-land next to the border fence and started tampering with it. Soldiers fired on the protesters when they did not heed calls to retreat.

Early Thursday morning, Israeli forces killed a Palestinian man who opened fire on them during operations in the West Bank city of Qalqilya.

Israeli paratroopers entered the city to arrest a man and came under fire, shooting back and killing the wanted man, the IDF said.

An IDF spokesperson said the wanted man, a member of the Palestinian security forces, was suspected of shooting at Israeli soldiers in the past.

The man was named as Samir Abdul Rahman Yasin, 28, by the Palestinian Ma’an news agency. The outlet cited eyewitnesses who said Yasin had not shot at troops.

The spokesperson called the operation a “successful ambush.”

“This overnight operation exemplifies the advanced intelligence and operational capabilities of the IDF that suppressed the terrorist faction’s appalling intentions. The outcome of this mission makes Israeli life safer,” IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said

During searches of the area afterward,  the soldiers, from the paratrooper special forces, found a Jericho pistol and ammunition at the scene.

The army said there had been several shooting incidents in the area in the past, including one last week.

The deadly Qalqilya incident followed a firefight in the northern West Bank city of Jenin several hours before in which a 22-year-old Palestinian man was killed and six more were injured.

An IDF spokesperson said the firefight began when Palestinians opened fire on the troops.

The slain man in Jenin was identified as Nafa Jamil A’sadi, a Hamas operative, according to Israel Radio. According to Ynet, the wanted suspect was able to escape the scene.

No Israeli soldiers were injured in either incident.

Palestinian sources said seven people in Jenin were injured, including one seriously and five in moderate condition.

The casualties were transported to a local hospital by IDF troops, the army said.