Jerusalem District Police Commander Niso Shaham took leave late Wednesday pending an investigation into sexual misconduct, it was reported Thursday.

Shaham is suspected of carrying out indencent acts and sexual assault against policewomen under his command.

Three women have made complaints, according to Channel 10.  According to Channel 2, one of the complainants claims that Shaham tried to kiss her during an interview.

His subordinate, Nissim Edri, who commands the city’s Zion sub-station, is suspected of ignoring complaints about Shaham’s behavior.

Both are reportedly cooperating with investigators.

According to Ynet news, the two officers announced their intention to take leave after being released from initial investigations, although earlier reports said that it was the police commissioner who ordered them to take leave.

The two men have beeen prohibited from making contact with others involved in the investigation.

A gag order on the case was lifted shortly after noon Thursday.  Rumors about the incident had been circulating for some time.

Jerusalem District Police Deputy Commander Manny Yitzhaki took over in Shaham’s absence.

Interior Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch was briefed about the investigation and the changes in command.

In an interview with Army Radio, former police commissioner Aryeh Amit said that when he heard of the events from the media he called Shaham and held a brief conversation with him.

According to Amit, Shaham neither confirmed nor denied the details of the investigation.