Beer drinkers of Israel, despair. There are few cities in the world more expensive than Tel Aviv to buy a brew.

According to a survey by the GoEuro travel blog, the cost of a 330 milliliter (11 oz.) beer in a Tel Aviv is the fourth most expensive in the world behind Oslo, Norway, Zurich, Switzerland, and Tokyo, Japan. A single small beer at a Tel Aviv store (bar prices will inevitably be higher) will set you back £1.92, or NIS 11, on average.

A similar beer survey published by CBS News in January also found that Israel was the fourth most expensive country in the world to enjoy a bar pint at $6.96 (NIS 24) a pop.

Last year, Israel raised taxes on alcoholic beverages by 25 percent and slapped on a flat tax based on alcoholic content of the beverages.

A flat tax of NIS 84 per 100% of alcohol per liter was raised to NIS 105, meaning a liter of 5% alcoholic beer would now have a tax of NIS 5.05.