Israel’s tallest building, a 100-floor skyscraper in Tel Aviv, took a step closer to becoming reality on Monday when it received planning permission from the municipality.

The Tel Aviv District Planning and Building Committee approved the building which is to be called “Between the cities” and will straddle the border of Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan.

Plans were drawn up by Amnon Schwartz, of Miloslavsky Architects.

The bottom two floors will contain stores. There will be five stories for public use and 71 floors of offices. The top 15 stories will be a hotel. In total it will have over 150,000 square meters (1.6 million square feet) of floor space.

Artist's rendering of close up of proposed 'Between the cities,' 100 story skyscraper in Tel Aviv (courtesy Miloslavsky Architects)

Artist’s rendering of close-up of proposed ‘Between the cities,’ 100-story skyscraper in Tel Aviv (courtesy Miloslavsky Architects)

The 400-meter high tower will be built next to Central Savidor railway station, just off the Ayalon Highway. The land, owned by the Tel Aviv municipality, is currently used as a parking lot.

The tower is one of several planned in the area as part of Tel Aviv’s redevelopment program, which also includes a light rail line currently under construction.