Two Israelis and one British citizen were arrested in Jordan on Wednesday, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

The three were released to house arrest at an Amman hotel, according to a report in Ynet, and were accused of “posing a security threat.” They are also suspected of fraud and counterfeiting currency.

The Israeli embassy in Jordan said it was closely monitoring the situation and that legal representation was being handled locally.

According to a report in Army Radio, the two Israelis were in possession of thousands of dollars and were questioned on suspicion of money laundering. The two reportedly said during their interrogation that they sought to exchange the dollars for Iraqi dinars for the purposes of investment.

The British national was reported to be a collector of Iraqi currency, Ynet reported.

The father of one of the Israelis arrested told the newspaper that upon exchanging the money, the three ran into trouble.

“They bought 25 Iraqi dinars in bills, paid, received a receipt and went back to the hotel. At the hotel’s entrance, security asked them to open their bags but they refused. The hotel management called the police,” he said.

The father accused Jordanian police of changing their versions of events and claiming that the three “posed a security threat.”

“One of the officers there, according to what I was told, has a family that originally comes from Jenin and he decided to take revenge. They heard about the administrative arrests in Israel and decided to take revenge,” he was quoted by Ynet as saying.

A Jordanian security officials quoted by AFP said that the suspects are “being detained in a hotel, and not jail, for their own safety.”

“Investigations are still under way,” he said according to the report, without elaborating on the details of the suspected crimes or the identities of the men.