When Israelis hear siren-esque sounds
Scared senselessScared senseless

When Israelis hear siren-esque sounds

WATCH: A popular video plays on the fact that jittery Israelis jump for cover at the slightest sound

Yifa Yaakov is a breaking news editor at The Times of Israel.

With Israelis slowly returning to normal after a month (and for some, weeks and years) of taking cover when the sound of a Code Red siren rings over towns and cities, one comedy troupe has parodied Israelis’ fear of rockets.

The Hebrew-language video, made by a trio called “Ritalin Kids” — Amit Raviv, Ofir Boaz and Asa Keren — shows Israelis running for cover after mistaking various sounds, from a kettle boiling to a donkey braying to Whitney Houston hitting those high notes, for the warble of an incoming rocket alert.

Titled “Did you hear that?” the video opens with a shot of a couple in the bedroom. The woman, hearing an ambulance siren, jumps up in a panic. “Did you hear that?” she asks, and shoves her partner aside to run for cover.

The next scene shows a man and a woman sitting in a cafe. When a motorcycle zooms by, the man spits out his juice and hides under the table, shouting “Siren!” The woman continues to sip her drink, unperturbed.

Next, a lawnmower draws a shower cap-clad man out of the shower mid-ablution, a plane mistaken for a siren causes a beach-goer to run off, a whistling kettle causes a man to rush out of the bathroom while brushing his teeth, and a drill wakes a man up suddenly.

Then, the more whimsical examples start: a braying donkey draws a swimmer to poke his head out of the water and shout “What was that?!” a man in a dark-green robe playing a large horn on a lakefront lined with trees startles two towel-clad men in a sauna, a mewing kitten disrupts the concentration of two students studying in the library (which is clearly nowhere near said kitten), and Whitney Houston hitting the high notes on “I Will Always Love You” causes a driver to abandon his pink car (adorned with an Israeli flag, naturally) on the side of the road and dive into the dirt as a cyclist rides by and turns back to stare at him.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube Tuesday, had generated some 2,500 views as of Thursday afternoon.

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