The IKEA chain is known for providing its customers with amenities that extend beyond your run-of-the-mill shopping experiences, including babysitting services and a cafeteria.

But one Israeli woman, it turns out, took that signature Swedish hospitality a bit too far.

During a visit last week to the Netanya outlet of the do-it-yourself mega-chain, the woman felt ill and vomited on one of the couches.

Apparently unembarrassed by her antics, she sauntered over to the bed section, where she proceeded to remove her shoes, settle into a queen-sized, and fall fast asleep.

Witnesses told the Israeli news site Walla that employees and other shoppers didn’t bother her.

“The customers simply didn’t try out that bed,” one man was quoted as saying.

He noted that the woman appeared to be drunk and that she remained asleep throughout the evening, until a security guard came to rouse her at closing time.

In a statement to Walla, IKEA maintained that the woman “felt unwell when she arrived at the store, and our people therefore permitted her to rest until she felt better. We wish her the best of health.”

For what it’s worth: If ever you feel the need to puke at IKEA, we think the Fniss wastepaper basket presents a far more comprehensive — not to mention cheaper — solution than a couch.