Amy Schumer asks Goldie Hawn to adopt her
Lil orphan AmyLil orphan Amy

Amy Schumer asks Goldie Hawn to adopt her

Onstage shenanigans as the ‘Snatched’ costars present Movie of the Year at the MTV Awards

Yaakov Schwartz is The Times of Israel's deputy Jewish World editor.

Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer costar as mother and daughter in 'Snatched.' (Screenshot YouTube)
Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer costar as mother and daughter in 'Snatched.' (Screenshot YouTube)

Apparently one Jewish mother isn’t enough – at least not for bad-girl of comedy Amy Schumer, who tried to convince Goldie Hawn to adopt her onstage at Sunday night’s MTV Movie & TV Awards.

The two are currently promoting their film “Snatched,” in which they costar as a mother-daughter duo who are forced to confront danger head-on during a vacation to South America.

Together, they took the stage to hand out the Movie of the Year award, but before they did, 35-year-old Schumer called her lawyer onstage to present Hawn, 71, with adoption papers that would make their movie relationship legally binding in real life.

Hawn not-so-gracefully avoided responsibility for the famous problem child by diving right into the list of nominees after unsuccessfully trying the old, “if only we had a pen” excuse. Schumer’s lawyer opened up his jacket to reveal an inside lined with pens.

The shenanigans didn’t stop there. The two mocked the infamous Oscars slip-up as Schumer announced the winner to be “La-La Light.”

“No, that’s Moonland,” Hawn shot back.

The award actually went to “Beauty and the Beast.”

For those who were in hibernation for the Oscar Awards this past February, “La La Land” was briefly given the Best Picture award before it was discovered that the announcement was a gaffe. “La La Land” producer Jordan Horowitz emphatically turned the award over to its rightful winners, the cast and crew of “Moonlight.”

While Sunday’s “mixup” was intentional, it was also clear that the Schumer-Hawn pairing was no gaffe, either. The two have been getting along famously ever since Schumer approached her revered mother figure to collaborate on “Snatched.”

“I just approached her on a plane and she is very sweet, she is a lot nicer than me,” Schumer told Entertainment Tonight. “I was like, ‘Yeah, I want you to be in a movie with me.’ And she was like, ‘OK, honey.'”

To have a pretend mother like that, we should all be so lucky.

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