Burger King unveils sexy promotion for Valentine’s Day

Burger King unveils sexy promotion for Valentine’s Day

Chain allows you to really have it your way, throwing an adult toy into this one-day promotion in Israel

Fast food may not sound like the most romantic choice for a date on Valentine’s Day, but Burger King in Israel is hoping to change that with its latest special.

According to a video advertisement, Burger King is offering a special “Adult Meal” for Valentine’s Day, containing not only a meal for two but a free romantic adult toy as well. “Kid’s meal? That’s for kids,” says the voice-over.

But before penning an angry letter to the manager to complain of perversion in the city, be warned that the gifts shown on the video are rather tame. Despite the ad’s seductive tones and sultry colors, the three options of sex toy shown in the commercial are a feather tickler, a blindfold and a scalp massager.

The adult-only meal for two being offered contains two Whoppers, one large fries and two beers or soft drinks for 69 NIS ($18).

Screen capture of Burger King's Valentine's Day "Adult-Meal" promotion for customers 18 and older. Meal comes with either a feather tickler, blindfold or scalp massager. (Screen capture/YouTube)
Screen capture of Burger King’s Valentine’s Day “Adult-Meal” promotion for customers 18 and older. Meal comes with either a feather tickler, blindfold or scalp massager. (Screen capture/YouTube)

The special is available only at Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square branch from 6 p.m. until closing time on Valentine’s Day while supplies last, and customers must be 18 or older.

In December the American fast food chain had a special promotion for the festival of Hanukkah, switching out the burger bun for a festive donut. The special “Sufganiking” was on sale at all Burger King chains in Israel from December 25, the first night of the Festival of Lights.

Burger King closed down all their Israeli branches in 2010 but reopened in Tel Aviv a year ago. There are currently four restaurants in Tel Aviv and one in Beersheba, two of which are kosher-certified. The Rabin Square branch, where the special is being sold, is not kosher. In total, 50 branches were expected to open in the next four years at an initial investment of about $12 million, the Israeli business newspaper Globes reported at the time.

French businessman Pierre Besnainou and a group of investors own the rights to the new franchise. Besnainou is already invested in other Israeli businesses, including the Carmel Winery.

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