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Daily Briefing Aug. 31: Justice minister says AG is not doing her job. What now?

Legal affairs reporter Jeremy Sharon and analyst Haviv Rettig Gur discuss Yariv Levin’s frustration with government’s top lawyer and Justice Yosef Elron’s bid to lead High Court

Welcome to The Times of Israel’s Daily Briefing, your 15-minute audio update on what’s happening in Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world, from Sunday through Thursday.

Legal affairs correspondent Jeremy Sharon and senior analyst Haviv Rettig Gur join host Jessica Steinberg for today’s podcast.

Sharon explains the background behind Justice Minister Yariv Levin’s angry letter send to Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara, accusing her of a lack of cooperation with him and thereby, some think, possibly paving the way to firing her.

Rettig Gur talks about the reasons behind Levin’s letter, why the justice minister is right to be angry, and what that could mean for the coalition and the Attorney General’s Office.

Sharon then looks at Supreme Court Justice Yosef Elron, who, in an unprecedented move, submitted his candidacy for the presidency of the High Court, bypassing the seniority system.

He and Rettig Gur discuss Elron’s reasons for making that move, and whether it could help Levin as he bids to radically constrain the Supreme Court.

Discussed articles include:

Justice Elron panned for challenging seniority system for Supreme Court president

‘Unacceptable, unprecedented’: Levin slams AG for not representing government in court

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