HBO’s VICE News showcases Israel as global cybersecurity powerhouse

Reporter Ben Ferguson speaks to Israeli entrepreneurs, soldiers and government officials to investigate the future of cyber warfare

VICE News, a newsmagazine series by HBO that tackles global issues, has published a documentary on Israel’s cybersecurity prowess.

In the video, released by HBO on Thursday, Vice News reporter Ben Ferguson takes a dive into Startup Nation’s cybersecurity scene.

The program shows how vulnerable cars can be to cyber-attacks by demonstrating how hackers can control windows and indicators or cause an engine malfunction; speaks to government officials and startup entrepreneurs; and visits army bases to ask officers about the traits needed in cyber warfare. The show also mentions the belief that Israel was responsible for STUXNET, “one of the most aggressive cyber-attacks in history,” which sabotaged Iran’s nuclear program.

The reporter mulls over the blurred lines and interactions between academia, military, technology and entrepreneurship, and the difficulties of balancing the needs of security with those of citizens’ privacy.

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