Iranian film depicts Jews as money-hungry Arab-killers

‘Saturday Hunter,’ screened on Iranian TV, tells the story of a boy and his grandfather as they steal land from Arabs and execute civilians

A scene from Iranian television movie "Saturday Hunter" (screenshot: MEMRI)
A scene from Iranian television movie "Saturday Hunter" (screenshot: MEMRI)

An Iranian film that aired on the country’s Channel 1 television depicts Jews as money-hungry and murderous thugs who steal homes and land and leave corpses and despair in their wake.

“Saturday Hunter,” which was aired in Iran last month, centers on a man and his grandson as the latter is indoctrinated in the former’s ways.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which provided translated subtitles, describes the crudely anti-Semitic film as the story of Benjamin, a young boy who is brought to Israel to be raised by his grandfather Hanan. The grandfather, who hangs around with armed soldiers and religious Jews, is the leader of a group of Jews who massacre Arabs and “seek God-like powers.”

The stereotype of the greedy Jew is clearly depicted, as Hanan claims to possess the ability to “absolve” people of their sins through financial payment. He explains to those who come to him because they wish to have their sins removed: “This is the penalty for those who ridicule the laws of Moses. You have to pay these indulgences. In order to escape the law of God, you must pay this money. The God of the Jews is too lenient with you. If I were in His shoes, I would take your lives, not just your money.”

In the film, Jews are also depicted as enjoying the killing of Arabs. In one scene, Hanan the grandfather, Benjamin and a woman are out for a leisurely day of shooting practice, with the help of their servant. The shooting range features a dozen black silhouettes — of civilians in positions of surrender, young children running, people standing around, and the elderly. Young Benjamin is taught to shoot, and is shown firing at the civilians.

Benjamin tells his grandfather that he doesn’t enjoy firing a rifle. His grandfather replies that it doesn’t matter, telling Benjamin to continue shooting, and that “God will be pleased.”

In another scene, Hanan is with his grandson speaking to an Arab man. The Arab man says, “We will never leave our land,” and is told by the Hanan, “You have three minutes to leave.” As they walk away from the Arab man, Benjamin turns to look behind him and is told by his grandfather to “never look back.”

Hanan’s henchmen are then filmed roaring through the countryside in a 4×4 truck and executing unarmed civilians.

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