Liberman and Bennett battle

Avigdor Liberman says he is “happy all the left in Israel is becoming one nature reserve we can soon fit into a single phone booth.”

He says he won’t sit in a coalition with Galon.

She calls him “a racist,” and says he has no place in a center-left coalition anyway.

In the Middle East, he lectures her, “the weak get trampled.”

Attacking Liberman from the right in one of the nastiest sections of the debate so far, Naftali Bennett paints him as weak for agreeing to a 2-state solution. He notes that two of Liberman’s ministers voted to release Palestinian terrorists.

“The difference between us,” Liberman fires back, “is that you want as many Palestinians as you can [inside Israel] and I want as few as I can.”

Liberman says the Egypt and Jordan peace treaties were good for Israel.

Bennett says the solution is more immigration. Liberman: We are the only party who dealt extensively with aliyah.

Afterwards, Kulanu’s Moshe Kahlon agrees to be “very close to [Zahava] Galon” on social issues. He won’t say that he refuses to sit with her in the same government. She, in turn, says “we can certainly find common ground.”

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