Attorney general calls to open criminal probe against Shalom

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein has told police to open a criminal probe against Silvan Shalom, several Hebrew-language news sites report, after a hearing with the State Attorney’s Office and police officials.

Speaking to Channel 10, one of Shalom’s security guards says he saw the outgoing minister enter a bathroom with a worker, in the latest allegation of sexual impropriety leveled against him.

The guard says he saw Shalom and a worker at a table at a cafe, before things got weird.

“After a few minutes, the girl got up and went toward the bathroom, and a minute later the minister also went to the bathroom. After the minister went into one of the stalls, I checked all the other stalls, of the men and the women, and there was no doubt they were in the same stall. The noises coming out also left no doubt as to what was going on in there,” the unnamed guard is quoted saying.

(Update: The allegations against Shalom were not substantiated and the investigation was subsequently closed.)

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