Bennett says world scorns country that cuts its capital in half

Naftali Bennett and Zahava Galon face off.

Bennett says he won’t relinquish any land to the Arabs.

Galon says he’s a fear-mongerer.

“Naftali wants annexation… hopes that 5 million Palestinians will simply disappear,” says Galon, adding “apartheid, binational state – this is your offer.”

“A Palestinian state,” Bennett counters, “will make mincemeat of the state of Israel.” He mentions a historic precedent (in his view) of the second intifada. “Who do you want to give the Golan to? Nasrallah or IS?” he asks, saying the Middle East today is “a new Middle East” filled with terrorist organizations.

“The world scorns a country willing to cut its capital in half,” he concludes.

Galon says Israel’s only chance in the new Middle East is to ally with moderate Arab states against the extremists.

Deri, sitting between them, looks like he’s having less fun than when he debated Yishai.

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