Biden says North Korean regime ‘finished’ if it uses nukes

US President Joe Biden is warning North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that his regime would be finished if he were to launch a nuclear attack on the United States or its allies.

“A nuclear attack by North Korea against the United States or its allies or partisans — partners — is unacceptable and will result in the end of whatever regime were to take such an action,” Biden tells a joint news conference with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol.

Yoon says that peace on the peninsula will come through force and that US nukes will play a role in a counterattack should Pyongyang use its nukes against the south.

At the press conference, Biden also waves off concerns about his health as he embarks on a bid for reelection in 2024, telling reporters that he feels good. He calls presumptive repeat opponent Donald Trump a “danger” to US democracy.

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