Edelstein: Jerusalem will never be divided again

Next up, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein speaks in Jerusalem.

“Welcome to Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the State of Israel,” Edelstein says, to considerable applause.

“The Temple Mount is in our hands — these words were uttered by Col. Motta Gur 50 years ago today,… this sentence changed the course of history,” he says.

He says this sentence “touched” a young boy 50 years ago in the Soviet Union. “That boy was me,” he says, adding that it’s thanks to Israel’s victory that he is here.

“These words echoed around the world for millions of Jews, who rediscovered” their connection to Israel and the Jews,” he says.

“Since 1967, Jerusalem has again become a spiritual center where members of all religions may practice their religion freely,” he says. “This is Jerusalem. Reunified 50 years ago today — never to be divided,” he says, to more clapping.

— Marissa Newman

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