Egypt will remain the mediator for truce, Hamas says

A Hamas official in Gaza tells The Times of Israel that Egypt will remain the mediator between Israel and Hamas as part of the ceasefire efforts.

He says Hamas was angered by the publication of the details of the Egyptian proposal, which came as it was handed over to a Gaza representative, and without Cairo’s consultation with Hamas.

“But we didn’t say we don’t want the Egyptians. They didn’t consult with us, but the connection with them continues. The contact between the Egyptian intelligence and Hamas remains unchanged. There are many officials attempting to mediate, but there is no viable channel other than the Egyptians,” he says.

Tomorrow, Hamas’s representative in Egypt, Moussa Abu Marzouk, will meet with PA President Mahmoud Abbas in Cairo. From there, Abbas will travel to Ankara where he may meet with Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal.

Avi Issacharoff

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