Foreign Minister Katz warns UN Security Council that if it doesn’t act against Hezbollah, Israel will

Foreign Minister Israel Katz sent a letter to the United Nations Security Council regarding the situation on Israel’s border with Lebanon in which he specified that Iran has been transferring weapons to the Hezbollah terror organization in violation of Resolution 1701, Channel 12 reports.

In the letter, Katz alleges that Iran is transferring weapons via land, air and sea, and details the exact components that are being transferred, when and how, and what they are being used for.

According to Katz, many of the weapons consignments are moved from Iran to Iraq and from there they are smuggled into Syria. At that point, they are transferred across the border to Lebanon. To back up his evidence, Katz provides the UN with the exact dates of recent transfers.

“The Security Council must also call on the Lebanese government to fully implement its decisions, take responsibility and prevent attacks from its territory against Israel, and ensure that the area up to the Litani River is free of military presence, assets or weapons,” Katz writes.

“Israel reaffirms its fundamental right to do whatever it needs within international law to protect its citizens from these heinous violations.”

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