Former IDF intel chief: ‘Simplest bomb shelter’ can protect against Iranian drones

Amos Yadlin, the former head of IDF military intelligence, says it is appropriate that Israel is preparing as needed, but believes “the public can sleep soundly” tonight.

Speaking on Channel 12, as Israel confirms that Iran has launched dozens of drones at Israel, Yadlin highlights Israel’s array of missile defense systems and other capabilities.

He notes that the Iranian drones, which are several hours away, carry a 20-kilogram warhead, which “the simplest bomb shelter” can protect against, and says he estimates that the drones are likely headed only to military targets.

Yadlin notes that the launch of the drones is a victory for Gaza’s Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar, who aimed for Hamas’s October 7 massacre in Israel to prompt attacks against Israel on multiple fronts.

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