Grave of soldier who fell in Gaza vandalized

The grave of an IDF reserve soldier who fell fighting in Gaza has been vandalized.

Sgt. First Class (res.) Yaacov Ozeri of the 401st Armored Brigade was killed fighting against Hamas terrorists in the northern Gaza Strip in early November.

His mother says she found red X’s on the Israeli flags and the IDF symbol on his grave.

Ozeri, 28, was from Kfar Shamai, a moshav in northern Israel, and is buried in nearby Meron.

“It’s a very shocking event, just terrible. Every morning I pass by the cemetery and light a candle for him, and today I discovered that the flags we placed near the grave were defaced with red paint with x’s on the Star of David, and the same x’s were also drawn on the IDF symbol stamped on the tombstone,” his mother, Lilian, tells Channel 12.

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