Hamas says it stands ready to resume fighting if Israel attacks

A spokesman for the Hamas terror group’s armed wing tells a crowd of supporters that Hamas will respond to any Israeli escalation in kind.

“Our actions precede our words and our missiles are in their stands, ready and awaiting the decision,” a spokesperson for the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades says.

The spokesperson delivers the remarks at an event mourning deceased terrorists who fell during the recent hostilities between Israel and Hamas. Hamas’s Gaza governor, Yahya Sinwar, is in attendance.

“We say to the occupation with consistency and clarity: if you return, so shall we. If you escalate, so shall we. Our hands are on the trigger, and our battle has chapters still unwritten,” the spokesperson says.

The comments come after some Israeli officials in recent days called to implement a policy of preemptive strikes against rocket launchers and Hamas leaders in the wake of the last round of fighting.

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