Hezbollah official: Israel is not ready to face what we are preparing for it

Hezbollah official Mohammad Raad warns that Israel is not prepared for war against the Iran-backed Lebanese terror group, saying that it is “frustrated and embarrassed” by its losses in the war against Hamas in Gaza.

Raad says it is an honor for Lebanon that “resistance” groups in the country fight against Israel and accuses the Jewish state of being the “guardian of the arrogant people who plunder our wealth, control our waterways, impose their will on a number of our countries and dominate us.”

He says that Israel is suffering defeat in Gaza and that it has “failed to achieve its goals” in every aspect, indicating that “the hand of the resistance will remain supreme.”

“The Israeli enemy is forced to retreat and withdraw because it is tired and faces resistance that it did not expect, and it has frustrated and embarrassed all those who support it,” he adds.

“The Israeli enemy is not ready for war in the face of what the Islamic resistance in Lebanon has prepared for it.”

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