Inaugurating Czech House in Jerusalem, President Zeman hopes embassy next

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu inaugurates a Czech House in Jerusalem on Tuesday alongside Czech President Milos Zeman, with both hoping it would serve as a prelude to moving the country’s embassy.

Czech House, promoting tourism and trade, has been portrayed as a first step toward moving the European country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as US President Donald Trump did in May.

But the Czech government has also said it will respect the common position of the European Union, which opposes such a move.

“In the near future, I firmly believe, and deep in my heart I do believe, we shall overcome,” Zeman says at the inauguration ceremony during a state visit to Israel.

“There will be… not only the embassy but also a nice Czech tavern with good Czech beer.”

Netanyahu compares the Czech Republic’s support of Israel as similar in spirit to that of his country’s most important ally, the United States.

“No one in Europe understands so readily and immediately the situation of Israel and the challenge of Israel,” Netanyahu says.


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