Iran hosts delegation from rival UAE for maritime security talks

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran received a coastguard delegation from the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday aimed at reviving maritime security talks cut off in 2013, state media reports.

“The sixth joint coastguard meeting between Iran and a visiting seven-member delegation from the UAE will be held in Tehran in order to discuss border cooperation between the two countries,” state news agency IRNA says, citing a statement from Iran’s foreign ministry.

“The two countries are set to talk about issues related to shared borders, visits by citizens, illegal entries and facilitating information sharing,” the agency adds.

A Gulf official speaking to AFP on condition of anonymity says the two sides had “a regular coordination and technical meeting related to the topic of fishermen and other similar topics.”

The Tehran meeting “has nothing to do with the recent regional tensions,” the official added.

Tensions have increased in sensitive Gulf waters following a series of mysterious attacks on tankers off the UAE coast and the Gulf of Oman.

Washington and its Gulf Arab allies blamed Iran for the attacks, charges Tehran categorically denies.


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