Man who shot terrorist will get his gun back from police

Police say they will return guns to the two men who shot a terrorist during a stabbing rampage in Beersheba, responding to pressure from right-wing politicians and others who decried the standard procedure.

In a statement, a police spokesperson says ballistic tests on the guns are an “inseparable” part of the investigation into the attack.

“In order to avoid mental anguish for citizens who acted bravely and determinedly, the necessary tests will be done tonight and when finished the guns will be returned to their owners,” the statement says.

It also praises the two for their actions. One of the shooters, whose name has not been publicized, had fought with police and refused to leave a police station, saying he feared leaving for his West Bank home without his gun.

Several right wing politicians had spoken out in defense of the shooter, including Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked, who tweeted that “in this case, [police] need to veer from standard operations, use straight thinking, and allow the hero who shot a terrorist to go home with his gun.”

Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel had called for “police to immediately release the shooter with his gun, and give him a medal for killing a terrorist in real-time.”

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