Moldova to require visas for Israelis, will likely also impact transiting Uman pilgrims

Moldova says it will start imposing visa requirements for Israelis in response to a new electronic travel authorization system being implemented by Jerusalem.

Israel said last month it was moving to an ETA system for visitors from visa-exempt countries beginning in August. Visitors from non-visa countries will need the ETA to stay for up to 90 days in Israel, having previously been able to visit the country without it.

Moldova’s ambassador to Israel says this effectively annuls the visa-free agreement between the two countries in place since 2014.

“The ETA-IL system will impact Moldovan travelers to Israel, many of which are employed by Israeli companies, and in fact will unilaterally draw to cessation of the visa-free regime with the Republic of Moldova by the State of Israel,” says Ambassador Alex Roitman on X.

Roitman notes the move will also affect the thousands of Israeli pilgrims to Uman in the Ukraine, who travel there via Moldova.

“Moldova remains committed to the promotion of bilateral ties with the State of Israel in the spirit of mutual respect and reciprocity and is ready to engage in discussions and negotiations regarding this particular matter for the benefit of two countries and their citizens,” he says.

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