Netanyahu tells US Christian group that pressure on Iran should be increased

Speaking via satellite to the Christians United for Israel conference in Washington, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the Iran nuclear deal was “based on a lie.”

He speaks with CUFI head John Hagee, telling the evangelical leader that “the deal was always based on a lie: that Iran was not seeking nuclear weapons. And we exposed that lie when we sent our brave operatives to the heart of Tehran and brought back the secret atomic archive of Iran. And it just showed that they’ve been working on developing atomic bombs as early as 20 years ago.”

He adds, according to a partial transcript published Netanyahu’s office, that “it’s a terrible deal because it gave Iran a path to getting a nuclear arsenal when the restrictions on Iran’s nuclear programs were removed. It didn’t block Iran’s path to the bomb; it paved it. In fact, it failed to solve the one problem it was supposed to solve. Now, it made other problems worse by removing sanctions on Iran, thereby helping Iran fuel its war machine in the region. See, when you removed the sanctions, Iran got billions and billions — tens of billions of dollars, potentially hundreds of billions of dollars — to fund its aggression.”

He praises US President Donald Trump for withdrawing from the deal in May 2018. “Israel is deeply grateful for that, because this is vital for Israel’s security, for the security of the region, for the security of the United States, for the security of the world,” he says.

And he accuses Iran of “trying to lash out to reduce the pressure. They attack tankers, they down American drones, they’re firing missiles at their neighbors. It’s important to respond to these actions not by reducing the pressure, but by increasing the pressure. We should stand up to Iran’s aggression now. And Europe should back the sanctions instituted by President Trump. We certainly did.”

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