Northern streams polluted, bathers should stay away — ministries

The government says several popular streams in northern Israel are polluted and advises waders to stay out of the water.

The polluted areas include the Snir (Hatzbani) from the Lebanese border to the  Yussuf Bridge on Route 9779; the Banias from the Kfar Szold Bridge to the Yussuf Bridge, and the El Al.

A view of the Hatzbani, or Snir, stream in northern Israel, 2009 (Hamad Almakt/Flash 90)

The Health and Environmental Protection ministries say water samples showed amounts of fecal coliform above acceptable levels, warning that entering them could be dangerous. It notes the source of the pollution is not known, beyond the Snir, where it was found polluted as it came into Israel.

The advisory comes as hundreds of thousands are taking to the great outdoors for the Passover holiday.