PM, Singapore counterpart meet in Jerusalem

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with visiting Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who invited him to visit the Southeast Asian state. Lee’s visit is the first since bilateral relations were established in 1969.

The two discussed increased cooperation in technology, security and trade, the Prime Minister’s Office says in a statement.

“Today we are anchors of stability and strength in our respective regions. And we are working together in many fields, diverse fields, including water management, biotechnology, and we’re going to talk on this visit about intensifying our cooperation in cyber security, and of course in many, many other fields,” Netanyahu says.

Lee says in response that “our business-to-business ties are strong. Israel is the second largest contributor of foreign direct investments in Singapore from the Middle East, and we admire your technical prowess and ecosystem. You have the highest number of scientists, technicians, technologists, engineers per capita in the world. You have the third highest number of patents per capita, and I know that many Singaporean firms are interested in doing business with you, investing in Israel, as some have already done.”

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