Qatar once again distributes aid in Gaza

Tens of thousands of impoverished families in the Gaza Strip begin receiving Qatari humanitarian funds, for the second time since Israel agreed to a new distribution mechanism involving the United Nations.

Recipients of the money queued from the early hours outside 300 distribution centers spread across the Hamas-ruled Palestinian enclave.

Qatari envoy Mohammed al-Emadi says the $100 handouts will be provided to “95,000 needy families” in Gaza through the UN.

After the latest flare-up between Israel and Hamas in May, Israel objected to a resumption of the funding under the previous terms, saying money was being used by armed groups rather than strictly for humanitarian needs.

The stalemate was resolved in August, when Israel and Qatar announced the approval of a new mechanism to distribute the funds, with money transferred directly to individuals by the UN.

Under the scheme, Israeli-approved recipients in Gaza are issued UN credit cards to withdraw the funds.

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