Russia archaeologists ‘offer to rebuild Palmyra’

Russian archaeologists are offering to help rebuild the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra, which was decimated by the Islamic State group before it was driven out this week, Al Jazeera reports.

A Syrian expert for UNESCO, the UN cultural body that declared Palmyra a world heritage site, tells AFP she is “very doubtful” that the destruction caused to the city’s ancient monuments can be repaired.

“Everyone is excited because Palmyra has been ‘liberated,’ but we should not forget everything that has been destroyed,” says Annie Sartre-Fauriat. “I am very doubtful about the capacity, even with international aid, of rebuilding the site at Palmyra.”

A general view shows graffiti on a stone reading in Arabic: “Shooting without the permission of the chief is prohibited” near the remains of the entrance to the iconic Temple of Bel that was destroyed by IS in September 2015.

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