Smotrich walks off stage after jeers at Eilat conference

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich walks off stage at a real estate conference in Eilat after being jeered.

As he was interviewed on stage, Smotrich was heckled by members of the crowd, with one woman yelling at him, “Go fight [in Gaza] instead of my children.”

When Smotrich then referred to a speaker from the previous day, a man shouted at him, “[His] children are in the army with mine. Your son is a shirker.”

In response, Smotrich threatened to leave, “if you don’t change the discourse.” The threat was met with chorus of “Go!” that continued as he walked off stage.

Transportation Minister Miri Regev spoke before Smotrich and was also jeered, but rather than storming out returned fire.

“This won’t help you. We will continue to act for the people of Israel,” she said as the shouts continued.

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