Tibi: Netanyahu trying to turn Arabs into his ‘useful idiots’ in election

Joint List MK Ahmad Tibi urges Arab Israelis not to fall for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “lies” on seeking rapprochement with the Arab community.

“Netanyahu is lying without blinking. He incited against all Arab voters for being Arabs. He did this in the 2015 election and again incited against them during the three elections that were held in the past two years,” says Tibi.

Netanyahu is “trying to turn us into his useful idiots,” he continues, underlining that the prime minister has no intention of repealing policies seen as anti-Arab, such as the Jewish state law.

“This is a temporary love seeking the Arab vote, which will dissipate after the election is over,” says Tibi.

Joint List MK Ahmad Tibi voting in his hometown Taibe on March 2, 2020. (Adam Rasgon/Times of Israel)