Vegas paper vows to fight Adelson meddling

The Las Vegas Review-Journal follows up its muckracking reporting about new owner Sheldon Adelson with a front page editorial promising not to break the public’s trust, despite Adelson’s penchant for meddling.

“You can be assured that if the Adelsons attempt to skew coverage, by ordering some stories covered and others killed or watered down, the Review-Journal’s editors and reporters will fight it. How can you be sure? One way is to look at how we covered the secrecy surrounding the newspaper’s sale. We dug in. We refused to stand down. We will fight for your trust. Every. Single. Day. Even if our former owners and current operators don’t want us to,” the paper writes.

On Saturday, the R-J reported that three reporters had been ordered to dig up dirt on three judges who were involved in a lawsuit against Adelson’s company.

Adelson, who owns the Israel Hayom tabloid in Israel, was recently outed as the secret purchaser of the Las Vegas newspaper for $140 million.

Israel Hayom is often criticized as a mouthpiece for Netanyahu, who counts Adelsons among his most important financial backers.

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