White House ‘deeply concerned’ by Israeli strikes on Lebanese Armed Forces

Jacob Magid is The Times of Israel's US bureau chief

The White House says it’s “deeply concerned” over recent Israel strikes against the Lebanese Armed Forces.

National Security Council John Kirby reiterates in a press briefing that the US does not want to see the war against Hamas in Gaza spread to other fronts, and supports Israel’s right to defend itself against Hezbollah on its northern border.

“The attacks that have occurred on the Lebanese Armed Forces are deeply concerning since [they] are not part and parcel of this conflict,” Kirby says, adding that the US is raising the issue with Israel.

The IDF has hit LAF positions more than 34 times since October 7, according to a CNN report over the weekend.

Earlier this month, the IDF issued a rare statement expressing regret for killing a Lebanese soldier while striking a Hezbollah-linked target earlier in the day, the first such death since cross-border hostilities began in October.

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