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Jewish princesses go wild on cable

Even with the acronym ‘JAP’ missing from the reality show title, it’s clear the main characters aren’t the kind of royalty Disney would endorse

The princesses in action. (courtesy: Bravo)
The princesses in action. (courtesy: Bravo)

JTA — Just when you thought “Shahs of Sunset” was the worst thing Bravo could ever do for the Jews, the cable network has gone and released the preview for “Princesses: Long Island” into the world.

At least “Shahs,” a reality show set in Los Angeles’ Persian community, isn’t explicitly a Jewish show. Yes, we became pale during the Rosh Hashana dinner scene, when there was no questioning the vapid characters’ religious affiliation, but overall their Judaism wasn’t entirely front and center.

“Princesses,” coming out this summer, seems to be a different story. While the title is missing two important words (hint: one that would start with a “J,” the other with an “A”), it’s clear the main characters are not the kind of princesses marketed by Disney.

The promo is packed with references to Manischewitz, hava nagila, and peyos (as in, “Hassidic Jews, how do they get their curls so perfect?”). There are also a number of F-bombs, one directly following a “Shabbat shalom.” Classy stuff.

So far it’s unclear what the 20-something women do for a living, aside from crying about not being married, trying on wedding dresses, fighting with potential husbands, and, naturally, fighting with one another.

Looks like we’re in for cringe-inducing, stereotype-packed train wreck. And as with all train wrecks, we’re just going to have to watch.

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