Netflix Israel to air Kan 11 shows, including ‘Checkout,’ ‘Dismissed,’ ‘Cramel’

Public broadcaster programs to be aired for Israeli viewers only, with proceeds heading to new programming

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Kan 11 mockumentary 'Checkout,' or 'Kupa Rashit' now on Netflix for Israeli viewers. (Courtesy: Checkout)
Kan 11 mockumentary 'Checkout,' or 'Kupa Rashit' now on Netflix for Israeli viewers. (Courtesy: Checkout)

Award-winning Israeli series from public broadcaster Kan will now be available on Netflix, for Israeli viewers only.

The series being aired include “Checkout”, “Dismissed”, “The Lesson”, “Unknowns”, “Cramel” and “The Last League” and will be made available starting in April.

Viewers want to watch shows from their favorite platforms and Netflix is the most popular streaming service in Israel, said a Kan spokesperson.

The deal with Netflix is another kind of recognition and appreciation for Kan and Israeli producers and creators, added the spokesperson, and all proceeds from the partnership will be directed back to the industry and shared between the producers and Kan, for reinvestment in additional content production.

Tal Fraifeld, vice president of television at Kan, said the deal with Netflix was an additional step in Kan’s mission to bring audiences the best Israeli and Hebrew language programming, and to help foster the talented Israeli TV production industry.

“We’re delighted to work with Kan which has an amazing track record of creating some of Israel’s best content, and are so excited to bring its authentic, local storytelling to our Israeli audience,” said Samantha Blanco, who manages co-productions and acquisitions at Netflix.

The deal with Netflix is a clear signal of approval for the public broadcaster, which was threatened with closure by new Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi, who announced in January that he intended to shut down Kan along with additional transmission regulating bodies.

Since then, the government has decided to freeze nearly all items on its reform agenda, focusing instead on judiciary reform.

As part of the deal with Netflix, the streaming giant will also air Kan’s brand new drama “East Side” starring Yehuda Levi, after it premieres on Kan 11 early in the spring. The series tells the story of Momi (Levi), a real estate broker and a single father to 18-year-old Maya (Geffen Kaminer), who is on the autistic spectrum.

The Netflix-Kan deal will bring all four seasons of the successful comedy mockumentary “Checkout” to the service, including the latest season scheduled to premiere in Israel on April 26.

The two seasons of “Dismissed” will also be featured, as well as the future third season that will go into production next year.

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