NJ mayor under fire for advising man to call police on Jewish ‘invasion’

NJ mayor under fire for advising man to call police on Jewish ‘invasion’

John Ducey says his comments on Orthodox Jews ‘ruining’ public parks were misconstrued, claims he was trying to defuse the situation

Brick Mayor John Ducey (YouTube screenshot)
Brick Mayor John Ducey (YouTube screenshot)

A New Jersey mayor was lambasted on Twitter on Wednesday, after telling a user complaining about an “invasion” by “hasidic and Orthodox Jews” to “call police.”

The user, identified as “the big kahuna,” wrote to John Ducey, mayor of Brick, that the city’s parks and beaches were being “ruined” by Orthodox Jews.

Ducey simply responded, “Our parks security has started already. Just call police with any problems and they will send them out.”

Ducey was heavily criticized for ignoring the apparent bigotry displayed by the user, who has since deleted his account.

Ducey later said he was trying to “diffuse [sic] the situation and take the target off the discriminated people and put it on myself.”

He claimed his statement had been misconstrued.

“This twitter feed (and the world in general) is no place for bigotry or hateful comments,” Ducey tweeted. “They are hurtful and divisive. They are condemned by me and all who are trying to make a difference in the world. Look for the good in you and others and the world will be a better place.”

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