Parents charged with abusing girl, 7, scalded with hot water, tied to bathtub

Parents charged with abusing girl, 7, scalded with hot water, tied to bathtub

Indictment alleges child was severely ill-treated over long period; tied up, starved and not given proper medical care; father accused of polygamy

The apartment building in the central Israeli city of Lod where police found a seven-year-old girl tied to a shower on August 12, 2019. (Screen capture Channel 12)
The apartment building in the central Israeli city of Lod where police found a seven-year-old girl tied to a shower on August 12, 2019. (Screen capture Channel 12)

Prosecutors filed an indictment Monday against a father and mother after police last month found their 7-year-old daughter tied to a bathroom fixture and showing signs of severe physical abuse at their home in the central city of Lod.

According to the indictment, the injuries were inflicted on the child over a prolonged period. The indictment states that she was severely injured on multiple occasions, suffering wounds to all parts of her body.

The girl was bathed in boiling water, imprisoned in her room or a small bathroom and tied up with rope that caused her injuries, the indictment charged.

In addition, the parents prevented their daughter from eating, did not provide her with proper medical care, and left her alone at home without responsible supervision.

Illustrative: An Israeli police car (Roy Alima/ Flash90)

The indictment accuses the parents of multiple counts of child abuse, assault and neglect of a minor, as well as false imprisonment. The father is also charged with a felony related to polygamy.

On August 12, police arrived at the girl’s home after receiving complaints of persistent crying. As they prepared to break down the door, the suspects arrived from an outing at the beach. The father rushed to the bathroom in an apparent effort to untie his daughter before the officers saw. However, the cops followed him and discovered the girl in bad physical shape.

She was tied by her hands, feet and neck to the bathtub with a thick rope that the officers had to use a knife to cut. The girl was taken to a nearby hospital for a medical examination and doctors discovered signs of severe, long-term neglect and abuse. Those included missing toenails and burn marks, according to Hebrew media reports. A search of the house found evidence tying the parents to their daughter’s abuse, police said.

The father, 51, and mother 36, were arrested on the spot and have remained behind bars since.

Hebrew media reported police had discovered that the girl had been born in the West Bank and was smuggled into Israel without any documentation by her Palestinian mother.

Both parents are on their second marriage, family members told Hebrew media last month. The father has 15 children — 12 with his first wife and three with his current one.

Family members surmised that the girl, who was not known to them, may be the mother’s eldest, born during her first marriage.

The Ynet news site reported at the time that the parents and three other children had gone out of the apartment, leaving the girl behind for an unspecified reason.

A lawyer representing the parents denied they had tied her up, telling Ynet last month they had left her sleeping in her bed. The lawyer said the parents were claiming that the girl had been tied up by a burglar who also stole valuables from the apartment while they were out.

The entrance to an apartment in Lod where a 7-year-old was found tied to a shower door, August 12, 2019. (Screenshot/Channel 13 news)

They claimed that a neighbor called them a few hours later to say there were shouts coming from their apartment. “They are completely normal parents who would never do what they have been accused of,” the lawyer said.

But at the couple’s remand hearing last month, a police representative confirmed to the court that officers had found the girl tied in the bathtub in a pool of her own excrement, and said she had been tied up for several hours by the time they had freed her.

The court was also told by officials that there was no record of the girl in the Interior Ministry’s Population Registry, suggesting that the parents had never notified the state of her birth.

It is not clear if she was enrolled in any educational framework or received health care, both of which require an identity card.

In the hearing, the father denied he had tied the girl up, but admitted to prosecutors’ accusations of neglect, Channel 12 reported.

The mother claimed the girl had suffered from a severe skin disease. She was taken to the West Bank for treatment, the mother’s attorney said, but the treatment only worsened her condition.

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