Ofir Tzarfati, celebrated 27th birthday at rave; body recovered from Gaza

Tzarfati got his girlfriend into a car and out of harm’s way, but was shot while trying to escape, October 7

Ofir Tzarfati (Courtesy)
Ofir Tzarfati (Courtesy)

Ofir Tzarfati, 27, was declared dead on November 27, 2023, after a lengthy identification process. His body was recovered from Gaza by Israeli troops operating in the Strip, it was announced on December 1. This is the story of his capture and its aftermath: 

Ofir Tzarfati was celebrating his 27th birthday at the Supernova music rave with his girlfriend, Shoval and friends, when Hamas terrorists launched an assault, slaughtering over 260 at the outdoor festival, amid other horrific acts of brutality.

The group of friends ran from the terrorists, attempting to hide in a field as the ground shook from all the shooting, said a friend, speaking to the media on behalf of Shoval.

Tzarfati was leading the group of friends, trying to escape the massacre.

They eventually made their way to their vehicle and planned on getting all eight of them inside. Tzarfati made sure Shoval was safe inside the car and planned to get into the trunk.

According to several accounts, he ended up getting into another car and texted Shoval that they would meet up later.

Days later, Shoval heard from the mother of another survivor of the party, who told her that Tzarfati had been shot and badly hurt in the other car, and was presumed captive in Gaza.

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