Editors, publishers: Come learn about ‘Times of Israel Local’ at the GA
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Editors, publishers: Come learn about ‘Times of Israel Local’ at the GA

ToI team to hold meetings on innovative journalistic partnership with American Jewish counterparts at Jewish Federations’ General Assembly in November

The Times of Israel logo
The Times of Israel logo

The Times of Israel is sending a team of senior staff to the Jewish Federations of North America’s General Assembly in Washington, DC, on November 8-10, for meetings with top editors and publishers of Jewish publications who want to partner with ToI in its “Times of Israel Local” initiative.

ToI’s founding editor David Horovitz is to meet on November 10 with participants in the American Jewish Press Association conference — which runs in parallel with the GA — to discuss Times of Israel Local. Also participating in that session will be Eyal Nevo, ToI’s director of marketing and new business development, and Grig Davidovitz, the CEO of RGB Media, the innovative firm with which Horovitz developed The Times of Israel and ToI’s partner in the Local project.

Horovitz, Nevo and Davidovitz will also be meeting separately with publishers and editors who are coming on board ToI Local, and are pleased to meet with publishers and editors who are considering doing so.

Launched less than four years ago, The Times of Israel is the fastest-growing news site in the Jewish world, with some four million monthly unique users and over 20 million monthly page views. It publishes in English, French, Arabic and Chinese, and last month launched The Times of Israel Persian.

David Horovitz (photo credit: ToI staff)
David Horovitz (photo credit: ToI staff)

Times of Israel Local was unveiled this summer, when ToI announced that the New Jersey Jewish Standard was its first local partner in a venture aimed at bringing more resonance to local Jewish journalism.

Introducing the project in July, Horovitz wrote that “by presenting Jewish world issues to local readers and local news to international readers, we aim to appeal to more readers, with more engaging content, on both sides of the partnership – more readers to our local partners and more readers to The Times of Israel.”

The Jewish Standard's new homepage
The Jewish Standard’s homepage

Publishers joining the local initiative, he noted, “get a very reader-friendly digital platform, carefully tailored to their needs on the basis of a digital strategy that we’ve developed in cooperation with our partner RGB Media.” ToI’s local partners, he added, “will get access to all the tools and methodologies that have proven crucial to The Times of Israel’s quality and success: a blog platform to host the most vibrant marketplace of ideas; a daily or weekly email that gradually gathers a community of readers; Salamandra, our unique software that enables editors to shape their website and newsletters according to the content rather than forcing content into a predesigned shape; Spotlight, our state of the art advertorial platform; and much more.”

“Most importantly,” he said, “our local partners will be getting visibility. It is very hard to promote small voices in the vast digital ocean. It is easier to reach the right audiences when voices combine into a powerful, harmonic chorus.”

To arrange a meeting with the ToI team in DC, please contact Grig Davidovitz here.