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How to stop your business network from crashing

Computer networks used to be made of wires. Israeli startup NetOp.Cloud enables businesses to manage the new generation based in the cloud

With business networks now managed in the cloud, even the world’s strongest companies find it hard to maintain their systems 24/7
With business networks now managed in the cloud, even the world’s strongest companies find it hard to maintain their systems 24/7

On October 25, Meta’s global messaging service WhatsApp suddenly crashed, greeting users with a “connecting” message and urging them to “make sure your computer has an active internet connection.”

The worldwide outage occurred almost exactly one year after 3.5 billion people were locked out of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Oculus, wiping $50 billion from Facebook’s stock value.

AWS, the Amazon service that powers a vast number of online business platforms around the world, suffered serious issues in September and December 2021

It is hardly surprising that platforms as complex and large as those operated by Meta and Amazon with several billion users worldwide should experience occasional glitches.

But if even Meta and other mega-operators with almost bottomless pockets are unable to ensure completely smooth operations, what chance do normal businesses with more limited resources have to make sure their websites and online transactions keep running as required 24/7?

Enterprise networks are now migrating from in-office systems to cloud-based and cloud-managed networks-as-a-service (NaaS), becoming too complex and dynamic for humans to manage alone.

These enterprise networks are the essential infrastructure on which every modern business is based. The rapid growth of these networks leaves them vulnerable to outages that can paralyze entire companies. Separate vendors with conflicting policies over connectivity and security create clashes and reduce visibility.

NetOp.Cloud, an Israeli startup, provides businesses with the tools they need to supervise their cloud-managed systems automatically, helping to prevent the next crash before it happens.

“The massive migration to cloud-based technology means that virtually every organization faces the same threat of what happened to both Facebook and AWS,” says Bibi Rosenbach, NetOp.Cloud’s Co-founder and CEO. “This is why we created NetOp.Cloud: to identify and fix network problems, ideally before they occur.”

“The annual cost of network operations is $350 billion, and internet connectivity still suffers frequent outages. We’re here to lift the burden from managed service providers and IT teams,” Rosenbach says.

NetOp uses artificial intelligence to track and manage all the moving parts in a modern business network, reducing outages and spotting issues before they halt operations

NetOp changes the way networks are managed by applying true artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor the health of managed networks, automate workflows, and simplify IT and network operations.

The company’s customer roster is growing fast. It launched officially in April 2022 after raising a $4.5 million seed investment round led by Springtide Ventures, together with OurCrowd, Venture Israel, and Labs02.

NetOp.Cloud is the first company to deliver a cloud-native solution to the rising complexity of these business-critical networks. NetOp.Cloud’s SaaS network operation platform uses AI to constantly monitor network health, simplify IT and network operations, and automate workflows so that networks can self-heal. NetOp.Cloud automatically locates the cause of slow or interrupted internet service, and suggests actions or automatically reconfigures systems to resolve the problem.

NetOp.Cloud also applies AI to automate tedious configuration workflows, monitor network health and usage, and proactively spot emerging issues before they snowball to the extent of affecting performance and disturbing users.

NetOp’s platform has been installed by leading companies worldwide, including global financial institutions, manufacturers and service providers. The solution is vendor agnostic and easy to use without a high level of technical expertise.

“Once we started using NetOp, it became clear just how much time and effort we had been wasting on tedious manual tasks,” says Taylor Jones, President and CTO of Elauwit, a managed service provider and NetOp.Cloud customer. “Locating the source of a disruption, configuring new connections, and resolving issues, takes a fraction of the time it used to take, and far less effort. Our customers need internet issues to be resolved in minutes, not hours, and NetOp.Cloud makes that possible.”

NetOp.Cloud was founded by industry veterans with a background in cloud, SaaS, AI, networking and automation. The managed network service market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 6.3%, from $52.7 billion in 2020 to $71.6 billion in 2025, and the NaaS market within that is predicted to grow from $10.4 billion in 2021 to $37.5 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 29.4%.

“NetOp is among the first companies which brings AI-based automated solution for addressing the network operations challenges” says David Marek, Executive Director at Springtide Ventures, the lead investor in NetOp’s recent seed round. “Its automated, AI-based solution saves hours and sometimes even days of downtime, and demand is only likely to grow. With its unique value proposition, it aims to set a new standard in the fast-growing market known as Network as a Service.” is currently funding. For more information in investing via OurCrowd, click HERE.

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