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Investing in the AI Frontier: Meet NVIDIA Inception, Palantir, cutting-edge startups

April 15 Online: OurCrowd hosts artificial intelligence giants and companies using AI that’s changing business worldwide

The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution has begun. Companies in every sector, from automotive to utilities, are exploring the best way to implement this transformative technology and integrate it into their products.

Investors are also looking for AI innovation when they examine a startup company’s profile. In today’s competitive marketplace, companies without an AI component can be at a distinct disadvantage.

On Monday, April 15th, OurCrowd, the Jerusalem-based investing platform, will host Investing in the AI Frontier, an online event giving participants a unique opportunity to meet senior representatives of companies which produce the AI technology and others that use it to disrupt established industries.

NVIDIA is at the epicenter of the AI revolution, maintaining its leadership in developing AI chips and processors while showing phenomenal valuation growth. Its AI silicon chips, originally developed for gaming, are the power behind this transformative technology. OurCrowd is collaborating with NVIDIA’s Inception program to fast-track startups which are part of the $50M OurCrowd AI Fund, dedicated to investing in the field. Software giant Palantir is a trailblazer with the integration of AI in big data analytics and operating systems.Register for the online event

Arik Kol, Senior Director at NVIDIA Inception Startup Program Lead in Israel and Charles Sese, Foundry for Builders AI Lead at Palantir, will discuss how AI is proliferating across industries in Israel and beyond. Gil Perry, CEO of D-ID and Yaeli Darschevitz Tamary, Chief Product and Delivery Officer at One Zero Digital Bank will share insights on how their companies are changing the customer service and banking sectors. The event will be hosted by Maya Zachodin Koren, Director of Corporate Investments & Strategic Partnerships at OurCrowd.

“Investors may feel they missed out on NVIDIA, with the stock already valuing the company at $2 trillion, and that the AI investment opportunity is over. But the consensus in Silicon Valley is we are just in the first inning of the ball game,” says Jon Medved, CEO of OurCrowd, which is Israel’s most active AI investor, with $386M invested across 81 AI companies worldwide.Register for the online event

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