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Maintaining an impeccable lientelce: How Giampaolo Ienna became an industry leader

Giampaolo Ienna (Courtesy)
Giampaolo Ienna (Courtesy)

Like most industries, success in real estate is partly dependent on the relationship between the real estate agent and the customer. As much as it is important to get new clients, it is also crucial that you work on building a good relationship with existing clientele. Giampaolo Ienna’s experience in the industry has taught him the importance of building and maintaining client relationships. He is now a go-to real estate broker for many in the industry.

Working in the hospitality industry for close to ten years before leaving to focus entirely on real estate, Giampaolo started networking early on. He has worked at big Italian restaurants in NYC and as a DJ in various clubs across Miami and NYC. This allowed him to meet high-end individuals and celebrities who have become part of his client base. His exceptional skills and go-getter attitude have seen him become a common name in the real estate sector. He now works at Elegran, a top real estate company in the US.

Everyone has different goals when purchasing a property. Giampaolo says it’s not about what you like as a real estate broker but what the clients want. He further adds that your work as a real estate agent is more of a guide than a salesman. While the goal is to close more deals, you might end up never striking any deal by not meeting your clients’ needs.

Given that each client is different, Giampaolo’s approach to every client is also unique, and he works to ensure they each get their dream homes. His ability to connect with his clients acts as a basis of trust.

Additionally, his knowledge of the real estate industry and familiarity with the rules and regulations of the NYC region sets him apart from the competitors. Real estate has been a family trade for decades; Giampaolo’s parents are architects, and his grandfather was one of Sicily’s biggest real estate developers. Learning from the best and his deep knowledge of the industry has helped him solidify his spot.

People don’t buy houses on a whim. Before purchasing a home, there is a lot of planning and thinking involved. Using his social media to generate leads, Giampaolo follows up on the leads as he nurtures them to prospective buyers. He has learned not to classify his leads as dead-end too soon and always be available for all his clients. To a home buyer, availability shows assurance, considering that some may not know their way around the industry; Giampaolo works to ensure he responds to all their questions.

In a world where customer behavior is changing so fast, it is crucial to adapt to your clients’ needs. Studies show that most home buyers trust real estate agents they have previously worked with. By not cultivating that relationship and doing follow-ups, as a real estate agent, you stand to miss a chance of ever working with a client. Through his exemplary skills and strategic networking, Giampaolo Ienna has built and maintained an impeccable clientele. He has worked with top celebrities and other notable figures in NYC.

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