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Shane Currey and Edikan Adiakpan share three crucial life lessons that only come with experience. Sponsored Content

Below are three crucial lessons that Shane Currey and Edikan Adiakpan believe life can teach us.

Courtesy of Shane Currey & Edikan
Courtesy of Shane Currey & Edikan

Our lives would be easier if we were born with the innate knowledge of how everything works within the world. Unfortunately, the most important life lessons usually need to be learned first-hand. One way that we can benefit from life’s hardest lessons without having to experience the sting of learning them first-hand is by looking at the accomplishments of others and finding out what they have learned. We reached out to Shane Currey and Edikan Adiakpan, two leading entrepreneurs, to discover the vital life lessons that they have learned through experience. Investment expert Shane is the head of three real-estate development corporations and a property management company. As a serial entrepreneur, he has become known for his Midas touch in business and his ability to mine profit from undervalued assets. As the founder of Akama Lifestyle, a full-service concierge company, Edikan is a self-made entrepreneur who has used his life experiences to reach the top of his industry.

Below are three crucial lessons that Shane Currey and Edikan Adiakpan believe life can teach us.

1. It’s okay to fail
According to Shane, a lot of budding entrepreneurs will try to avoid failure at all costs. However, when they do this, they are overlooking the vital lessons that failure can teach us. Edikan shares this view and adds that experiencing failure and picking yourself back up gives you priceless experience about how to recover from difficult setbacks and build up resilience.

2. The grass isn’t always greener
Edikan states that he has seen many successful entrepreneurs discount their own successes by focusing on the accomplishments of others. Shane concurs with this and further adds that in the age of social media, not everything is how it seems and the CEO living the high-flying life that you feel you deserve might be dealing with struggles that you know nothing about.

3. Delegation is essential for success
Shane believes that the same entrepreneurs who fear failure are also trying to tackle every issue they face on their own. With several success stories floating about self-made millionaires, it’s easy to believe that you should be able to do everything on your own. However, Shane clarifies that this is a myth. Edikan agrees with this insight and points out that great leaders know how to delegate tasks and work with others to reach their goals.

Trying to find success in the world of business or any area of life can be a challenge but Shane Currey and Edikan Adiakpan emphasize that there are some difficult lessons in life that are worth learning.

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